January 30, 2007

Cool Music Tech

There’s a whole lot of very cool web music technology in the works right now. Services are popping up to facilitate tour tracking, music blog tracking and seamless music experiences. I don’t really have much to say (for now) but here’s a good list of some cool stuff.

  • Hype Machine – See what music all the cool kids are blogging about.
  • Tour Filter – Track the latest and greatest live shows in your area.
  • Archive.org Live Music Archive – Descended from the venerable etree, it seems these guys have something new every time I visit the site and an ever expanding hard drive.
  • XSPF Music Player – Not so much a web site as a tool used on music sites. Build a play list, point the player at it, listen.

Know of any other cool sites and tools? Toss ’em in the comments.