November 27, 2009

Old Is New

I switched the blog to a different back end and a slightly different style. I’m using Hobix (again, I used it back in… 2007?) and have made a bunch of modifications to support what I want to do. I have a fork of (a fork of) the original Hobix project at Github. I also have a bunch of local modifications (for things like Markdown support and permalink preservation – real exciting, I know). Read more

April 23, 2008

Git Outta Here!

I took some time last night and played with Git for a bit. Git is a distributed version control system written by Linus Torvalds to manage the Linux kernel. Git recently gained a bit of notoriety because some big projects (in addition to the kernel) like Ruby on Rails are switching to Git. The whole concept of distributed version control is pretty neat: every developer has a complete copy of the entire history of a project, can make changes on his own local repository (with full history, etc. Read more