August 19, 2020

Publishing a Hugo Site With Github Actions

Storing your Hugo site in a Github repository makes it easy to automate re-generating and uploading your site every time you create a new commit. I'll assume you have a Hugo site in a Github repository already & walk through the steps to configure Github Actions to generate the site & upload it using rsync over SSH, with key-based authentication: Create a Workflow In the root directory of your Hugo site, create a . Read more

November 27, 2009

Old Is New

I switched the blog to a different back end and a slightly different style. I’m using Hobix (again, I used it back in… 2007?) and have made a bunch of modifications to support what I want to do. I have a fork of (a fork of) the original Hobix project at Github. I also have a bunch of local modifications (for things like Markdown support and permalink preservation – real exciting, I know). Read more