December 25, 2009


Updated 2010-04-04 – The regex in the to_html methos was updated again to do an even better job of preserving whitespace. Updated 2010-03-21 – The regex in the to_html method on the SmugMug class was updated to preserve whitespace. Up until now to post photos from SmugMug I’ve crafted the link and image markup by hand, which is pretty tedious and prone to error. Today I ginned up an extension to Markdown (RDiscount, really) that allows automatic generation of the markup from the image title and URL. Read more

November 27, 2009

Old Is New

I switched the blog to a different back end and a slightly different style. I’m using Hobix (again, I used it back in… 2007?) and have made a bunch of modifications to support what I want to do. I have a fork of (a fork of) the original Hobix project at Github. I also have a bunch of local modifications (for things like Markdown support and permalink preservation – real exciting, I know). Read more